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Exploring the Factors that Affect Duct Cleaning Intervals

No matter how well you take care of your air conditioner, you can’t prevent dust particles from entering the air ducts. This is why you need air duct cleaning Miami services at regular intervals for maintaining smooth AC performance. It’s good to call the professionals of air duct cleaning Miami once every three years, but it isn’t always fixed. In other words, you might sometimes need to clean the AC ductwork earlier than the recommended interval. But it depends on a few factors, which have been described ahead in this blog.

Dusty Outdoor Environment: If you are living in an area where the outdoor atmosphere is excessively dusty, you will definitely need to clean the air ducts more often than usual. It is because a central air conditioner utilizes the outdoor air to control the indoor temperature. So, the number of dust particles entering the ductwork is higher in that case. In such a situation, it’s better to clean the air ducts every year in order to maintain AC efficiency. Keep in mind that using an air conditioner with excessive dirt in the ductwork may cause many problems for you.

Strong Winds: You should know that the number of dust particles in the air increases with the speed of the wind. Those dust particles eventually end up entering the ductwork and start clogging there. Such a situation may also force you to clean the AC ductwork more often, even twice a year.

Let’s now have a look at the situations indicating the presence of dirt in the ductwork of your central AC.

  1. Dirt in the AC ductwork obstructs the airflow, which eventually affects the system’s performance. Considering this, if your air conditioner is taking too long to provide the desired cooling, then you probably need to clean the air ducts.
  2. Slow cooling speed ultimately results in higher electricity bills, which is an unavoidable issue. So, don’t show negligence towards the high power consumption of your air conditioner.
  3. The Presence of dust particles in an air-conditioned room also implies that you need to clean the air ducts.

Note: Don’t try to deep clean the ductwork by yourself if you aren’t an expert.

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