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Got Poor Indoor Quality? Are Your House Cleaning Habits OK?

Do you clean your home? You must be for sure, but are you satisfied or completely sure that cleaning is being done at its best. Is the indoor air quality good in your home? Because the quality of indoor air is one of the major factors that determine the health of your family members. So checking the air quality is always a matter of concern.

According to research, the indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air and which is why house cleaning habits play a major role whether you make your indoor air polluted or not. So here in this log, the air duct cleaning Miami service has just shared some of the major cleaning habits that can hamper the air quality and which you must change them if you are doing so.

Ineffective Cleaning Tools

Regular dusting is essential when you want to control dust accumulation. Though you might dust regularly, the way you do it can affect a lot to your indoor air quality. There are many cleaning tools that come up when you do cleaning of your home but you adhere to usual and regular tools like feather dusters, cloth rags and paper towels that don’t are much effective. Use the tools that are actually useful, such as microfiber wands polyester dusters that trap the dust far better than other tools.

Using Harsh Cleaning Products

The cleaning products are designed to clean and sanitize your home, but the products which you use should be right. Because some products are not good for indoor air quality as they contain some chemicals that can degrade the indoor air quality. So when you are in the market to buy cleaning products, then make sure that the products don’t contain chemicals such as chlorine beach, furniture polish, dishwasher detergents, and such other chemicals. These chemicals contain hazardous compounds which are not good for your health.    

These two are the major habits that can make indoor air quality poor as these habits are practiced on a daily basis. If you really want to improve indoor air quality, start changing your cleaning habits now.

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